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Not All Family Law Matters Are Distressful Conflicts

Many family law issues seem to wither all hopes for a bright future, but not all do. Are you getting married soon? Are you seeking to adopt your stepchild? Is your marriage termination setting both of you free to move on to the next chapter of your life? Family law matters can trigger excitement and new growth, but they can be confusing and costly to solve on your own.

With the help of an experienced family law attorney, you can efficiently resolve your confusion about the right legal documents and correct process for stepparent adoption, a prenuptial agreement or dissolution. At O'Keefe Family Law LLC, I take pride in the legal services I provide to my clients.

I am Bobbie O’Keefe, and I strive to alleviate the frustration that arises when people try to grapple with family law matters on their own. With over 25 years of experience practicing family law in Ohio, I am uniquely suited to helping you achieve your desired goals. I provide a comprehensive review of your legal options and the most time and cost-efficient method to obtain the optimal results. Call my office at 614-633-4777 to schedule a consultation with me.

Make Decisions About Your Future With Confidence

I value your time and will advise you on the alternatives available so you can make the best choices. As your lawyer, I will guide you through the ins and outs of the legal process and help protect your best interests.

I have extensive experience resolving the full spectrum of family law matters, including:

  • Marriage termination — Including dissolution, divorce and military divorce. There are many methods to put you in the best position of resolving your case without resorting to expensive and time-consuming litigation.
  • Children’s issues — Including child custody, parental rights, relocations, post-decree modifications, enforcement, child support disputes, grandparent’s rights and third-party custody matters.
  • Paternity testing — DNA testing is the most common method for establishing paternity legally, but sworn testimony and other evidence may also be used. Single mothers can seek paternity testing as the first step in trying to get financial assistance from a child’s father, seeking inheritance rights, visitation rights and custody.
  • Fathers’ rights — If a child is born to an unmarried couple, the father’s name on the birth certificate does not automatically grant him parental rights. Requesting paternity testing can be a way for fathers to prove a legal connection to the child and, if it is in the child’s best interest, give him rights for visitation or custody.
  • Prenuptial contracts — If you are entering a marriage and have significant assets, own a business or have children from a prior relationship, it is important to protect your assets with a prenuptial agreement. This legal document can protect your best interests and can reduce conflict in the case of divorce or death.

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