Prenuptial agreements are imperative legal tools for people wishing to protect their assets as they are entering into a marriage. Postnuptial agreements are far rarer and serve the same purpose, except they are created during the course of a marriage.

While both are viewed negatively by some, pre- and postnuptial agreements serve an important role for couples, who individually, have significant assets. They are also sometimes used when one party has significant premarital assets, while the other one doesn’t. Bobbie is experienced in drafting prenuptial and postnuptial agreements as well.

You may want to consider a prenuptial agreement if:

  • This is not your first marriage
  • You have children from a previous relationship
  • You are bringing significant assets into the marriage
  • You are a business owner

Bobbie is non-judgmental and wants to work with her clients to determine if this is the best option for them. She values the time she spends with her clients and recognizes the significance of the expense involved. She will always advise you on the alternatives available to you so that you can make the best choice considering all of your circumstances, including financial.

*Note The courts give these documents extremely close scrutiny. Each party is strongly advised to have a family law attorney who represents the party’s best interests before prenuptial and postnuptial agreements are considered, drafted and executed