Paternity and legal acknowledgment of the relationship between a father and a child is an important factor in determining child custody, visitation and child support for unmarried parents. Whether you are a mother who seeks confirmation for your child’s father, or a man trying to establish parental rights over your children, it is essential to have a lawyer who will fight for you.

If you are a single mother and are wanting to know who your child’s father is, you can petition the Child Support Enforcement Agency to order a DNA paternity test. Once the father’s identity is confirmed, you will be able to seek child support.

A father’s name on a birth certificate doesn’t entitle him to child custody and visitation rights if he is not married to the mother. If you are a father who is trying to fight for a role in your child’s life, getting a paternity test can give you the legal standing that you need.

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Step-Parent Adoption

Bobbie has counseled clients through the process of step-parent adoption, where one spouse adopts the other spouse’s child or children. Adoptions occur in the Probate Court rather than the Domestic Relations Court, and Bobbie is experienced with the steps that are necessary to help people expand their families through this significant and life-changing event.