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Actress Geena Davis makes confession during divorce proceedings

Many Ohio spouses can relate to what it is like to try to keep up appearances in front of family members and friends if things are not going so well in a marriage. Actress Geena Davis reportedly married a prominent surgeon in 2001 and told the audience on the "Oprah" show that he was a great husband. Fast-forward to last year, when Davis's partner filed for divorce and requested spousal support. The case has yet to be settled, in part due to complications that have arisen because Davis told the court the couple was never legally married.

Moving on after an Ohio divorce, one step at a time

It's never easy to divorce, no matter how long (or short a time) one has been married. Divorce tends to have a ripple effect, not only on both spouses but on children, extended family members and friends, as well. Some Ohio spouses have great difficulty coming to terms with their situations and moving on in life.

Finding a new normal, after divorce

No matter what types of issues may have arisen, soon-to-be exes often encounter challenges as they head to court. Like all good parents in Ohio, those with children want to keep their kids' best interests in the forefront. It is not uncommon for parents or children to have a bit of trouble adjusting to a post-divorce lifestyle. This may be especially true if divorce follows a marriage that lasted 10 years or more.

Divorce need not ruin a parent-child relationship

Most Ohio parents can relate to trying situations involving their children. Especially where teenagers are concerned, parent-child relationships can really be put to the test. Divorce often exacerbates such challenges. However, parents can be proactive and work to help maintain close bonds with their kids, even if they no longer live in the same household.

Marital issues that often prompt Ohio spouses to divorce

Ohio is home to many residents who happen to be married. Some are newlyweds, while others have been with their spouses for decades. Regardless of the length of a marriage, there are several issues that often cause discord in marital relationships. In fact, many spouses who divorce say one or more of these issues were leading factors in their decisions to call it quits.

Jeff Bezos is one of many baby boomers filing for divorce

Ohio baby boomers can likely relate to their peers across the country who remember the 1960s and 1970s with affection. From peace signs to rock and roll, as well as the whole make-love-not-war slogan that inspired a generation, those born between 1946 and 1964 are now in their 50s to early 70s. In addition to music and other cultural flares, baby boomers have something else in common nowadays. Many of them, including Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, are filing for divorce.

Divorce in Ohio and beyond will be different with new tax laws

When Ohio spouses decide to end their marriages, they often encounter challenges regarding financial issues, including alimony. Many people throughout the state pay spousal support when they divorce. New tax laws enacted for 2019 have tax implications for those who pay or receive this type of support.

Divorce does not necessarily have to involve a trial

Many married couples in Ohio and elsewhere will decide to end their marriages before this year is over. There is definitely no single reason for divorce because every couple's relationship is unique to their own personalities and circumstances. While individual circumstances typically vary, one thing many spouses have in common is their desire to avoid a trial.  

Both parents should be present if possible to talk about divorce

All good parents in Ohio and beyond have their children's best interests in mind. When parents decide to divorce, it not only affects the two spouses involved but also their children. Parents can help their kids come to terms with their situation in as healthy manner as possible by keeping several practical ideas in mind.  

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