The end of a marriage is a legal process that brings enormous change. Along with the emotional changes, there can be a potentially costly and lengthy legal ordeal. If you are facing a divorce, dissolution, or legal separation, it is imperative to consult a family law attorney who has practiced extensively in this specific area of the law.

  • Who keeps the house?
  • Who has custody of the children?
  • Who gets the retirement accounts?

These questions among others are commonly asked as a marriage comes to the end. Other frequently asked questions concerning the division of property and subjects like spousal and child support can arise too. The answers to these questions can determine the ease and simplicity with which your marriage ends.

Divorce or dissolution are the two primary ways marriages can be permanently terminated in the state of Ohio. Couples also have the option to legally separate if divorce and dissolution are not the right answers at the time.


Divorce is a lawsuit started by one spouse against the other. In a divorce, couples may agree on some issues but not on others. If a resolution isn’t possible between the parties involved, a judge or magistrate will make those decisions for the couple. Every situation is vastly different. It is important to find a lawyer that will work with you to create a strategic plan that is best suited to your individual needs. Divorce through the court is one of the most expensive and tedious ways to end a marriage because it involves so many additional legal steps. Though it is sometimes necessary, a family lawyer can suggest other methods, such as mediation, to achieve the same results with fewer headaches.


Dissolution is generally faster and less time-consuming than a divorce, given that the couple agrees on the division of their property and assets. It puts the decision-making in the hands of the two people involved, not the judges or the court system. Couples MUST agree on every aspect related to the termination of a marriage including, property division, alimony, child custody and child support.

A trusted family lawyer works patiently and diligently with her clients toward peaceful resolutions, if at all possible. A lawyer can help the couple make sure they understand the potential legal ramifications of the decisions they wish to make and at the same time respect those decisions. After all, no one knows your family better than you do.

Legal Separation

The main difference between a divorce, dissolution, and legal separation is that a marriage is not fully terminated following a legal separation. The couple is still married. Whereas, after a divorce or dissolution, the couple is no longer married and is free to re-marry. A legal separation includes a temporary order and petition to the court to recognize the couple as separate people to help resolve any issues. Topics such as child custody and visitation, child support, division of property and more are still quite applicable during legal separation.

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