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How is Child Support Calculated

Divorcing with children is emotionally taxing, but figuring out all the legal aspects of it is no walk in the park either. Child support is just one of the many things that need to be figured out while finalizing a divorce that will affect children, and it can be very daunting and overwhelming if you're not entirely sure what it is that you're taking into consideration.

Who Can Gain Custody During A Divorce?

For most parents, a key question when discussing divorce is whether or not it is the best decision for their children. Yes, having both parents take an active role in their children's lives is valuable, but if you and your spouse fight regularly, splitting up may be better for you and your children. Divorce is an option to carefully consider, as it can bring about a lot of changes that your children may struggle with. One of the most common questions from parents going through a divorce is the question of custody. Specifically, parents want to know how custody is decided and who can get custody.

5 Ways To Help Your Children Through Your Divorce

Divorce isn't easy on anyone, and you've likely debated whether or not to even get divorced because you have children. Whatever it is that brought you to this point, we're here to help you at O'Keefe Family Law. Divorce is a hard decision and the effects are long lasting - on both you and your children. Here are five tips to assist you in helping your children cope with the changes your divorce will bring.

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