Many Ohio spouses can relate to what it is like to try to keep up appearances in front of family members and friends if things are not going so well in a marriage. Actress Geena Davis reportedly married a prominent surgeon in 2001 and told the audience on the “Oprah” show that he was a great husband. Fast-forward to last year, when Davis’s partner filed for divorce and requested spousal support. The case has yet to be settled, in part due to complications that have arisen because Davis told the court the couple was never legally married.

The surgeon, Reza Jarrahy, says they were definitely married. His attorney mentioned her guest spot on the “Oprah” show in court, asking Davis if her comments were lies to which she respond that she had not been honest on the show. Davis claims the two never intended to be legally married.

She also told the court that is why they kept separate names, separate bank accounts and filed separate tax forms throughout their relationship. Davis admitted, however, that she had hired a wedding planner in 2001, as well as a caterer. She also enlisted the services of a priest to witness her exchange of vows with Jarrahy. 

Divorce proceedings can get complicated quickly. Ohio judges often have to sort through information provided by both sides to determine whether a particular spouse is telling the truth. Anyone who is currently worried that his or her spouse may try to fool the court or beat the system to avoid paying child support or spousal support will want to rely on an experienced family law attorney to help protect his or her interests in court.