It is not uncommon for Ohio parents to disagree about certain issues regarding their children. In fact, most married couples can relate to having to discuss, negotiate and compromise when it comes to differences of opinion as to their children’s best interests. In cases of divorce, disagreements often have to do with child custody. Sometimes, parents are able to amicably resolve their differences to create a solid co-parenting plan; if that is not possible, then litigation might be necessary.

When the court is asked to intervene, the judge overseeing a particular case becomes the decision-maker. Once a ruling and court order is issued, both parents must fully adhere to the terms. In some cases, if a parent believes a ruling is unfair or that his or her parental rights have been violated in some way, he or she may appeal the decision.

Child custody litigation can evoke strong emotions on both sides. Especially if the parents involved do not get along so well, courtroom experiences can be highly stressful as each parent tries to win the court’s favor. To avoid such stress, many parents ask experienced family law attorneys to represent them.

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