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Moving on after an Ohio divorce, one step at a time

It's never easy to divorce, no matter how long (or short a time) one has been married. Divorce tends to have a ripple effect, not only on both spouses but on children, extended family members and friends, as well. Some Ohio spouses have great difficulty coming to terms with their situations and moving on in life.

When child custody litigation is necessary

It is not uncommon for Ohio parents to disagree about certain issues regarding their children. In fact, most married couples can relate to having to discuss, negotiate and compromise when it comes to differences of opinion as to their children's best interests. In cases of divorce, disagreements often have to do with child custody. Sometimes, parents are able to amicably resolve their differences to create a solid co-parenting plan; if that is not possible, then litigation might be necessary.

What's the difference between a divorce and dissolution in Ohio?

You can decide you need a divorce for many reasons. Ohio laws allow for people to divorce for reasons ranging from incarceration and substance abuse to simple incompatibility, as long as neither spouse objects to that claim. If you know that an end to your marriage is inevitable at this point, you will likely want to know what options you have for going through this difficult process.

Child custody problems not over yet for Jenelle Evans

When an Ohio judge rules that children from a particular household should be removed from their home, he or she also makes a decision as to where and with whom said children should live. The court always has kids' best interests in mind when making child custody decisions. However, the adults involved in such cases are not always happy with the outcome.

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