When an Ohio married couple decides to divorce, they must resolve numerous issues before they can go their separate ways and move on in life. Many spouses worry about getting caught up in courtroom battles, perhaps costing them lots of money and causing much stress. Any spouse who wants to sever ties in as amicable a fashion as possible will want to consider mediation as a viable option.

Divorce need not always be thought of as a win or lose fight. In fact, if both parties are willing to cooperate and compromise as needed, it needn’t be thought of as a fight at all. Spouses who have children together, for instance, can use mediation to help them achieve a settlement that keeps their kids’ best interests in mind.

When spouses agree to mediate a divorce, they also agree to stay on topic and avoid confrontation. Matters of concern that are typically discussed during negotiation sessions include property division, child custody, child support and alimony. Issues that would be prohibited might include why one spouse blames the other for problems that led to the divorce. The idea behind mediation is to peacefully discuss pertinent issues in order to resolve differences and obtain a fair and agreeable settlement.

In divorce mediation, each spouse would hire an Ohio family law attorney to represent him or her. A session facilitator is also present to keep negotiations on topic and moving in a positive direction. Not only is this option a good way to avoid conflict in divorce, it is also among the least expensive ways to legally end a marriage.