No matter what types of issues may have arisen, soon-to-be exes often encounter challenges as they head to court. Like all good parents in Ohio, those with children want to keep their kids’ best interests in the forefront. It is not uncommon for parents or children to have a bit of trouble adjusting to a post-divorce lifestyle. This may be especially true if divorce follows a marriage that lasted 10 years or more.

Even if spouses are not parting on very good terms, they can be caught off-guard by unexpected feelings of sadness. Many post-divorce spouses say they experienced grief, as though they were in mourning. It’s better to  work through these feelings than to ignore them, which can linger and lead to depression if left unaddressed.

It can also be helpful to talk to others who have gone through similar experiences or tap into local resources, such as family support groups that might be offered in a particular community. Data shows that remarriages have greater chances of ending in divorce than first marriages. Some researchers believe it might have something to do with people feeling like they have to be involved in romantic relationships at all times rather than allowing themselves time to be alone after a divorce is finalized.

An Ohio parent who has just gone through divorce may want to spend some time learning to live alone, perhaps developing new skills and becoming comfortable in his or her own skin. New romantic relationships should be navigated with caution, especially because such issues can often spark legal complications between co-parents. An experienced family law attorney is a great asset to have on hand to help resolve any legal obstacles that arise.