Married and unmarried people can encounter child custody problems

When you think of parental rights issues, you may automatically also think of divorce. It is a fact that many Ohio divorce situations include child custody disagreements. However, it is also true that many unmarried parents run into legal problems where their children are concerned; for instance, with a child's other parent or with a biological grandparent.

Trying to resolve disagreements about your children may naturally evoke strong emotions. Problems can get out of hand if emotions lead to angry outbursts and/or threats. This is why many parents think it is best to quickly reach out for experienced legal guidance and support rather than try to handle things on their own.

If you and your ex can't seem to agree on issues such as where your children should live or how they will spend their holidays or school vacations, it may be best to seek the court's intervention. Financial issues are also often a central focus of child-related parental disputes. If you believe child support is warranted or have evidence that your co-parent is trying to undermine your parental rights, you can ask an attorney to advocate on your behalf to settle the matter in court.

At Okeefe Family Law LLC, Ohio parents can confidently entrust legal issues regarding their children to an experienced team of attorneys that stands ready to litigate such problems, as needed. Many times, just having an attorney get involved is enough to obtain an out-of-court solution to a child custody problem. If your co-parent relationship has turned into an acrimonious dispute, you can request a meeting so that those well-versed in state custody laws can help you determine a best course of action to seek a fair and agreeable solution to the problem.

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