Rap music fans in Ohio and beyond were shocked by the sudden death of Nipsey Hussle in March of this year. The rap artist also owned a clothing store on the West Coast and was gunned down in front of it. He was the father of a 2-year-old child from one woman but also had a 10-year-old child with another. A child custody case regarding the older child has been filed in court by the child’s aunt.

Hussle’s sister has told the court that she believes she should be granted legal guardianship of her niece. She has accused the biological mother of her niece of being unfit to parent. When a person makes such a claim, it must be backed up with compelling evidence.

It is common for a judge overseeing such a case to order an investigation. If indeed the court winds up deeming a parent unfit, an order will be issued as to legal and physical custody of the child. In this case, Hussle’s sister referred to her 10-year-old niece in a tribute she posted to her deceased brother on a social media site, saying that the child would be in her care.

Ohio child custody attorneys often handle this type of case. Things can get messy in court when extended family members are fighting for legal guardianship of a minor. Relying on experienced legal representation is often the best means to avoid contention between relatives in court and to seek a final result that is truly in the best interests of the child.