Ohio fans of “The Challenge” are likely familiar with contestant Brad Fiorenza. Those who follow him on Twitter may also be aware that he has accused his ex of playing dirty in a child custody situation. In fact, he claims she is guilty of parental alienation regarding his two sons. 

Fiorenza has made several posts online that suggest he is not happy about his current custody arrangement with the boys’ mother. He said she moved his sons out of state and he only gets to see them for approximately one hour per week. The reality TV star also accused his ex of deliberately painting him in a poor light to his children and telling them falsehoods so they will not like him.

The father of two has said that what his ex is doing is child abuse because it is not right to intentionally tell children bad things about a loving parent. He said he wants his boys to know he has always been there for them but due to circumstances beyond his control, but he is not able to be with them as much as he’d like. Fiorenza’s ex has adamantly denied the allegations he has made against her.

Fiorenza is definitely not the first parent to face a heated child custody battle. In fact, there may be Ohio parents who can relate to this case who are in need of legal guidance and support. An experienced family law attorney can advocate on a concerned parent’s behalf to protect his or her rights and the best interests of the child/children involved.