When Ohio spouses determine that they are unable to resolve certain issues that have driven a wedge between them, they often file for divorce. Those who have children no doubt want to achieve a settlement that causes as little disruption and stress in their kids’ lives as possible. This is why some spouses choose mediation rather than litigation to negotiate the terms of their divorce.

There are numerous potential benefits to mediating a divorce. It is typically less expensive than a litigated divorce and often takes much less time. Spouses understand ahead of time that they will not have an opportunity to appeal since it is irrelevant in a mediation process, which is based on agreed-upon, amicable discussions and cooperation between spouses. 

If parents disagree about custody, visitation or support issues, the mediator can facilitate peaceful discussions to help both sides find common ground upon which they can form an agreeable solution to the issue at hand. Another aspect of mediation that attracts many spouses is that a case can be converted to litigation if things are not working out as hoped. In addition to working out the terms of child-related issues, spouses who choose to mediate their divorces will also negotiate property division issues in accordance with state laws.

An Ohio attorney can provide guidance and support to any spouse wanting to know more about divorce mediation. It is often best suited to spouses who are able to interact without contention, as well as those for whom economic feasibility is a main concern. Any spouse who wishes to determine if a mediated divorce is a viable option in his or her case can request a meeting with a family law attorney.