Ohio is home to many residents who happen to be married. Some are newlyweds, while others have been with their spouses for decades. Regardless of the length of a marriage, there are several issues that often cause discord in marital relationships. In fact, many spouses who divorce say one or more of these issues were leading factors in their decisions to call it quits.

Most people enter marriage reasonably expecting fidelity. When a spouse has an affair, it can cause a lasting rift that proves insurmountable. Infidelity is a main factor in many divorces in this state and others. Some spouses say they both remained faithful to each other throughout their marriage but simply grew apart and found they really had nothing left in common, so they decided to go their separate ways.

Substance abuse is also problematic in many marriages. In situations where addiction is a causal factor in divorce, proceedings may be complicated if there are children involved. It is not uncommon for a parent to seek sole legal and physical custody when the other parent has a substance abuse problem, and the court may determine that a parent is unfit or may order supervised visitation.

More than 40 percent of women who participated in a survey said domestic violence was a leading factor in their decisions to divorce. This is also an issue that may bear significant impact on a child custody case, as well. No two marriages are exactly the same, so one Ohio couple’s reasons for getting divorced may be quite different from another. In any case, an experienced family law attorney can be a strong source of support to those preparing to navigate the system.