“Jon & Kate Plus 8” was a popular reality TV show for years. Ohio fans of the show will recall the parents of twins and sixtuplets, Jon and Kate Gosselin who shared the daily happenings of their busy, often chaotic lifestyle with the world. Although the Gosselins divorced in 2009, they are reportedly headed back to court because Jon is asking the court to award him sole child custody of one of their sons.

The son in question is a 14-year-old who is said to have special needs. He has been residing at a facility with an inpatient program but is scheduled to be released a few days before Christmas. The court will decide where he will live, with his father or mother. A sister has been living with her dad for nearly a year, but the other kids live with their mother.

In every child-related situation during and after divorce, the court always has the best interests of children in mind. Even if a court order already exists, if the court believes a child is in danger or that something has happened to necessitate a change, the judge overseeing the case can modify the terms of the order at his or her discretion. The court does not take such decisions lightly as it understands that changing an existing routine disrupts children’s lives, so it always acts with caution.

The Gosselin case shows that when parents have multiple children, child custody is sometimes split between them. This case also shows that problems can arise years after divorce, which is why it is always a good idea to keep contact information for legal support on hand.  Any Ohio parent currently facing a custody dispute may want to ask an experienced family law attorney to act on his or her behalf to increase the chances of achieving a favorable outcome in court.