Many married couples in Ohio and elsewhere will decide to end their marriages before this year is over. There is definitely no single reason for divorce because every couple’s relationship is unique to their own personalities and circumstances. While individual circumstances typically vary, one thing many spouses have in common is their desire to avoid a trial.  

Knock-down, drag-out courtroom battles are often the climax of Hollywood movies about divorce. However, most people would rather avoid such situations in real life. It is often possible to achieve a fair settlement without having to become entangled in litigation.  

Spouses have the opportunity to reach their own agreements, including those having to do with child custody and visitation. As long as both spouses agree to the terms of a proposed plan, they need only sign their agreement and seek the court’s approval. Once the court approves a settlement, however, both parties are legally bound by the written terms of the agreement, unless and until the court grants modification.  

If Ohio spouses are unable to resolve their differences on their own, their case will then go to trial before a judge. It is always a good idea to discuss one’s needs and ultimate goals in divorce with an experienced family law attorney before trying to achieve a settlement. An attorney can assist at every stage of the proceedings. The lawyer can also remain on hand once a judge finalizes a divorce should any future legal problems arise regarding the terms of an existing court order.