Money issues can be a major source of stress within a marriage. This may especially be the case when the two spouses are coming from very different places when it comes to finances.

For example, people who came into their relationship with very different credit habits may have a higher likelihood of splitting up down the line. This is what Federal Reserve Board research suggests. According to this research, couples tend to have higher likelihoods of splitting up within their first five years the greater the initial disparity is between their credit scores.

Also, major differences in earnings between the two members of a marriage can have the potential to create strains within the marriage.

So, when spouses are coming from very different places financially, they may want to stay aware of the challenges these disparities can pose. They may then want to take steps to prevent such challenges from putting added stress on the marriage.

When a couple is ending a marriage through a divorce or dissolution here in Ohio, how big of financial disparities there are between the spouses can have impacts on what kinds of issues arise in relation to the split. For example, big disparities can raise special issues and concerns when it comes to property division and alimony matters.

When a person is going through any type of marriage termination in Ohio, it is important that the unique property division and spousal support issues his or her split is raising are properly addressed. Divorce lawyers can provide tailored guidance on such issues.