Many Options Available To Couples Who Are Uncoupling

Ending a marriage is one of the most stressful and emotionally debilitating experiences anyone can have. Whether you are the person who left or the person being left, terminating a marriage or live-in relationship ranks almost as high as the death of a loved one when it comes to the damage caused to body and psyche.

Many people think that a full-blown divorce is the only option for ending the relationship. However, that simply isn’t true.

There are so many options available to couples today that can reduce the cost and streamline the process of terminating their marriage. An attorney who is experienced in family law should be able to talk you through all of them.

It amazes me when I have someone come in for an initial consultation and, after meeting with me, they say they had no idea so many alternatives were available to

resolve their disputes, even when they’ve already seen another family law attorney before getting to me. An expensive, all-out

war isn’t often necessary, and one of the joys I feel in practicing family law is educating people on all of the other ways they can get to their final goal without spending tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mediation, early neutral evaluation, principled negotiation, collaborative divorce, or a combination of these processes can keep people out of “court.” If you or someone you know (in Ohio) is in the sad position of ending their marriage, I would be most happy to explain all of the alternatives available to them, so they can make the most informed decision possible. As with all major decisions, information is key. Feel free to give me a call at 614-633-4777 with any questions.