We’ve all seen the movies or read the articles of nasty divorces that seem to leave the divorcee with empty bank accounts and lots of anxiety and stress. As you move forward with your divorce, you’ve probably heard of “mediation” and wondered if it was the route for you. To start, let’s discuss what mediation is and what it isn’t.

Mediation is not meeting with a therapist in a last-ditch effort to save your marriage, which many people think. In mediation, you and your partner meet with an experienced, neutral third-party to come to mutually-acceptable agreements on things like finances, child support, or even the family dog. O'Keefe Family Law is dedicated to pursuing the best option for you, and Bobbie O’Keefe strongly encourages the use of mediation for many of her clients. Here are three reasons why you should consider it for yourself instead of a traditional divorce procedure.

You’ll Save Time

When you have mediation, you schedule the meetings, set the pace yourself, and avoid delays in court. All of this can help you save months of time. How long and how often your sessions with your mediator are – which is completely up to you – will greatly determine the length of your divorce process. Complexity of the issues and willingness of both parties to agree are big factors that can make the process either faster or slower. By having open communication between you, your divorcing spouse, and your mediator, you’ll reach agreements and compromises much quicker than in a traditional divorce.

You’ll Save Money

There are different ways in which you can save money through mediation. First of all, you’re paying for one mediator instead of two divorce attorneys. Though you can hire an attorney later to prepare the final documents for the court, you still end up saving a lot of money. You also save money because the entire process is so much faster; that’s fewer months of spending money on divorce-related meetings. Mediators generally charge according to hours, though the cost varies between states and cases. Generally both parties help contribute to the costs, which saves money.

You’re In Control

Often during divorces, lawyers argue on your behalf and you end up not having much say in the matter. Whatever the court agrees on is what you and your divorcing spouse will do. With mediation, you both have a lot more power and control over what happens when, and you bring the divorce back into your own hands. Your mediator will empower you to make your own decision, and you and your partner will compromise and agree on solutions together. A mediation is comprehensive, so you really will cover everything from financial assets to child custody. This autonomy and communication typically helps couples work together better in the future, especially with their children.

Bobbie O’Keefe has done advanced training in negotiation techniques and mediation strategies and has served as a mediator in some cases. Even if you don’t go with Bobbie as your mediator, she can help get you into mediation and work to prepare the final documents for submission to the courts. Contact her today for more information.