Family Law Representation on Your Side

Going through a divorce, separation, or dealing with the fallout of a child custody dispute isn’t easy for either party involved. Moreover, it can be a maddening process if your spouse is being unreasonable, difficult to work with, or is completely absent from the process. Yet for many, these are just the tip of their family law concerns; third-party custody rights, paternity and fathers’ rights, as well as spousal support conflicts can bring about intense stress, confusion, and frustration.

In her 25-plus years as a family law attorney, Bobbie O’Keefe has helped seemingly countless families and individuals wade through the often tumultuous waters of family law. Bobbie understands the burdens that are attached to a marriage dissolution, divorce, and all manner of family law issues. This has allowed Bobbie to provide compassionate representation for families that are going through a painful situation. Bobbie takes pride in the services she provides, and has always striven to provide quality services that seek the best possible outcome for her clients. For more on the quality family law services Bobbie provides, please continue reading below.

Divorce, Dissolution and Legal Separation

Rarely are divorces pleasant for either party. However, ending the marriage may be the best decision, however painful that decision might be. And this decision brings about a huge change in not only family structure, but the lives of those affected going forward. Bobbie understands that divorce, dissolution, or legal separation is a tumultuous ordeal. Her compassion and understanding are but a few of the qualities that further separate her from other family law attorneys in the Columbus area.

Beyond her unrivaled approach to how she interacts with her clients, Bobbie knows that you probably have many questions surrounding the divorce process: Who gets to retain the house? Who will the kids stay with? What will happen to our shared finances? All of these questions are integral to how Bobbie assists with your case; by working closely with clients, Bobbie can offer insight and legal advice to her clients who may be going through a particularly trying divorce, dissolution, or legal separation.

Child Custody

A divorce can be difficult enough without the additional concern of how it will impact the lives of your children. For many, this is the most difficult part of a divorce, especially if one or both of the divorcing spouses isn’t willing to work together during this time. While it can undoubtedly be difficult, child custody cases are able to be settled in a number of ways. While it’s always best for parents to come to an agreement via mediation, negotiation, or collaborative law, this is, sadly, not always the case; many parents find themselves arguing over custody rights. Bobbie can provide clients with:

  • Child support dispute assistance
  • Paternity suits
  • Move-aways and relocation services
  • Post-decree custody modifications
  • Contempt and enforcement
  • Third-party child custody issues and Grandparent’s Rights

Bobbie understands that not all families involve mothers and fathers; Bobbie represents grandparents, stepparents, aunts, uncles, older siblings, godparents, people in same-sex relationships and other non-parents seeking custody of children. This is to say that the courts are guided to best preserve the interests of the child(ren) in a child custody case, no matter the parents’ motivations or desires, whether seeking custody or sole custody. Should you choose O'Keefe Family Law to represent you in your child custody case, you can rest assured that Bobbie will advocate for you and your child’s best interests.

Prenuptial & Postnuptial Agreements

Although there is a negative stigma attached to them by some, prenuptial agreements are extremely important for individuals with significant assets. Prenuptial agreements allow people to preemptively protect their assets when they marry. These imperative tools give those wishing to protect their assets the legal power to do so. Pre- and postnuptial agreements are important to consider if:

  • You have previously been married
  • You have children from a previous relationship
  • You have significant assets
  • You own a business

Mediation, Collaboration & Early Neutral Evaluation

Those going through a divorce or separation sometimes feel that there are few options for ending their marriage in the most peaceful and productive manner. Bobbie possesses nearly three decades of negotiation experience and can help terminate your marriage as a dissolution rather than a divorce. Most importantly, Bobbie wants you to understand that there are options to a bitter divorce battle.


This approach involves both parties seeking to terminate the marriage with a neutral, third-party to guide them through necessary discussions to resolve their conflicts without the need for a judge deciding for them. This approach may be best for couples who want to terminate their marriage in a collaborative and peaceful manner. However, a mediator does not make decisions for either party but helps guide them through respectful and productive conversations to reach the best outcome for both parties.

Collaborative Law

While most commonly used for divorce cases, collaborative law can be applied to other manners of family law cases. The process involves bringing together a team of professionals who work together to help clients reach a full resolution in a mutually beneficial manner. Bobbie has been extensively trained in collaborative techniques so that you and your spouse may peacefully negotiate a win-win result to the termination of your marriage.

Early Neutral Evaluation

Also known as ENE, early neutral evaluation is a service Bobbie provides that involves you and your spouse meeting with her to terminate the marriage without Bobbie representing either party. You and your spouse would give Bobbie all financial and background information so she can then neutrally evaluate your case and move forward with negotiation. If a joint resolution cannot be reached between you and your spouse, Bobbie would if requested provide reasonable options to resolve your case without litigation. Throughout the entire process, Bobbie would remain a neutral evaluator.

If you believe that any of these family law services could benefit you in your case, reach out to Bobbie today to learn more.